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Lead generation

A continuously flow of qualified leads for your company? Convins generates it for you! Convins goes for quality rather than quantity. After all, making many appointment is not difficult but an appointment is not a qualified lead yet. Therefore, the professionals of Convins determine beforehand, in consultation with you, to which criteria a lead should comply. Plus, we do not use call scripts but we have real and good conversations with the customers.  So, an appointment is not a forced action but a logical result of a nice conversation regarding the requirements of the approached organisation.

For Convins qualified leads include the following: appointments with organisations that are open for a conversation about the product or service that this company offers, that want to make time for this and where you as interlocutor actually deals with the decision maker. You will only pay for a qualitative good appointment and after the appointment has finished. This no-cure-co-pay principle distinguishes Convins and makes us transparent.

The personnel of Convins contain permanent people who know the ins and outs. The leads that Convins calls for your will be made by real interlocutors that ask the correct questions, in order to get insight into the requirements and future investments of your prospects. Convins also gives you insight in the DMU (Decision Making Unit) of your customers.

In other words: with lead generation through Convins your sales pipeline will be stocked again with valuable leads. So, your sales team can get started!

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