Lead generation

Do you want to generate leads? A continuous flow of qualified leads for your business? Convins generates it for you: with quality instead of quantity. After all, making many appointments is not difficult, but an appointment is not yet a qualified lead. That's why you and the professionals determine in advance what criteria a lead must meet. Telephone acquisition can be a great help. We do not work with call scripts, but with good, real conversations. Thus, making an appointment is not an imposed action, but a logical consequence after a pleasant conversation about the needs of the approached organization.

About lead generation at Convins

Why outsource lead generation B2B to Convins?

Do you want to get started generating B2B leads and are looking for a party that can help? At Convins, you have come to the right place. We have over 14 years of experience in this field. With more than 50 permanent colleagues, we have grown to become the largest B2B telemarketing agency in the Netherlands. Our experienced telemarketers know exactly how to approach your potential customers in the right way. So you can confidently entrust lead generation B2B to us. Your wishes and interests are central.

Telephone lead generation

The team at Convins consists of experienced telemarketers. Through continuous training, they have the necessary knowledge and know what is expected of them. Convins is the right party for quality lead generation for your business. Thanks to years of experience, we know how to approach your potential customers in the right way. This leads to more leads, more customers and more sales. Reason enough to start telephone lead generation today. For ten years we have been working for other industries such as consultancy, accountancy and construction & engineering.

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Frequently asked questions

What is lead generation?

B2B lead generation is used by companies to generate new customers. If you would like to engage with new, potential customers, lead generation through telemarketing may be a good solution. When we generate leads for you in the B2B market, the leads are always spoken to by our specialists with knowledge about your organization. In fact, Convins' team consists of permanently trained personnel. They ask just the right questions to gain insight into the potential customer's needs. They also know all the ins and outs of your organization, so they can also give the lead exactly the information they need. B2B lead generation with Convins ensures a filled sales portfolio of valuable leads.

How does investing in lead generation work?
Outsourcing lead generation requires you to make an investment. With the right approach, investing in lead generation will benefit you a lot. Are you curious about the investment you are going to make when switching on lead generation? Then please contact us directly. You can do this by completing the contact form.
Lead generation companies?
Lead generation is an effective strategy for companies to generate leads. The buyer journey is usually a more complicated buying process. Different people are often involved in the Decision Making Unit (DMU). If you want to generate good leads, you need good lead generation registration. We go for high-quality leads: leads that fit your business.
Want to get in touch with our lead generation professionals?
The trained staff consists of permanent people with understanding of lead generation. The leads that Convins calls for you are addressed by conversation partners who ask the right questions in order to gain insight into the needs and future investments of your prospects. We also offer you better insight into the DMU of your customers through our telemarketing campaign. Over the years, we have generated over 90,000 leads. With lead generation by Convins, your sales portfolio is once again filled with valuable leads and your sales team can get started! Curious about what Convins has to offer you regarding lead generation? Contact us now.
How to generate more leads?
Leave it to the professionals at telemarketing agency Convins. Generating leads is an important part of an organization’s marketing strategy. The more quality leads come in, the greater the chance of new customers and growth of your company. In practice, it is difficult for sellers to generate well qualified leads. Convins is happy to take care of this lead generation for you. We know how to reach the right customers and ensure the right visit appointments for your sales department.
How many leads can you generate?

Convins generates at least six appointments per month for each customer up to 50 appointments per month. Depending on your target group, proposition and sales power, we will jointly determine your wishes and discuss the possibilities.

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