B2B Call Center

Are you looking for a company that can completely take your telemarketing out of your hands? At Convins you have come to the right place as a B2B call center! With our B2B call center, we take care of making visiting appointments for you, following up on mailings and trade show leads, maintaining your database, finding relationships or prospects, making service calls and doing research through surveys. At Convins, we have the experience and knowledge necessary to use the call center effectively for your business. Curious about the possibilities of a B2B call center? Then read on, we would love to tell you more about the B2B call center.


We stand for two-way traffic

What makes Convins unique? Our service is different from other telemarketing companies. By working with professional, skilled employees we know for sure that we are doing a good job. In addition, we do not use call scripts. We stand for two-way traffic, where we have substantive conversations with your prospects. This way we find out their wishes and needs and we can highlight the added value of your products or services. With Convins you also have international possibilities. With two offices in the Netherlands we acquire in several European countries thanks to our native speakers.

No cure no pay B2B call centre

Flexibility is key for us. If you want to use our call centres on an irregular basis, that is no problem. We are ready for all your wishes. In addition, quality is more important than quantity. We go for the best results in order to realise your objectives in the best possible way. We first talk to your company to get an insight into its business and culture. This way, we can make an estimate of which resources we should use for your company. At Convins we work with a no cure, no pay system. This means that you only pay after the appointment we made for you has been visited.


Interested in a partnership?

By working together with Convins, you can be sure of a transparent collaboration. We are convinced of our added value to your business. Would you like to use our services and are you interested in working with Convins? Then please contact us. Do you want to know what we can do for you? Request a proposal and we will contact you.

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