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Cold acquisition

Cold acquisition: the way customers are recruited that is often underestimated. Entrepreneurs are sometimes reluctant to use this method because they are afraid of deterring potential customers. The opposite is true, provided that you apply this method correctly. In fact, if you do not make a cold acquisition, there is a good chance that you will soon be 1-0 behind the competitor who does. A prerequisite for cold acquisition is that you outsource it to a professional. This way, you can be sure that you are working effectively and effectively. Cold acquisition is nothing more than ‘cold’ appealing to potential customers to offer your service or product. It sounds simple, but there is definitely a strategy involved.


What is cold acquisition?

Cold acquisition is approaching potential customers who do not yet have a relationship with the company. We go down a list of potential customers and approach these people and ask if they are interested in buying products or services. An advantage of cold acquisition is that you can reach potential customers quickly and easily. The advantage of cold acquisition is that you can reach potential customers quickly and easily. Approaching potential customers who do not yet have a relationship with your company is a special skill. A good strategy is decisive for the success of cold acquisition. Our specialists know exactly which techniques to use in different situations. That is why it is wise to outsource cold acquisition to an experienced agency. A partner for marketing and sales really pays off. Curious about the possibilities? Then feel free to contact us. Our team is ready for you.

The effect of cold acquisition B2B

After defining the strategy and execution, it is time to look at the result. If you let Convins handle your B2B cold acquisition, you can be sure of success. This has also been experienced by previous entrepreneurs who entrusted this work to us. Take a look at our references for more information. Convins is well informed about the developments in the industry. Because of this we know where the opportunities lie for accountancy. Do you want to know what we can do for you? Please contact one of our employees.

Getting in touch with our cold acquisition professionals?

Our team consists of people trained in performing cold acquisition. For example, they are professionals in performing cold acquisition over the phone. With their knowledge, they know exactly which conversation techniques to use while performing cold acquisition. In addition, our professionals do not use cold acquisition call scripts. Therefore, the leads that are called will actually have a good conversation with our staff. This way, an understanding of your prospects' needs and future investments is also gained. In addition, we offer you great insight into the Decision Making Unit of your customers while performing our service.

Are you curious about what Convins has to offer for you? Feel free to contact one of our professionals. We will be happy to assist you. You can reach us daily at +31 553 665 771, or you can fill out the contact form. We will contact you as soon as possible.

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Frequently asked questions

Hot and cold acquisition: what are the differences?

There are two types of acquisition: cold acquisition and warm acquisition. Warm acquisition involves approaching organizations or people you already know. The other type involves approaching organizations or people you do not yet know. They are not yet familiar with your product or service. By using cold acquisition, you create potential customer relationships with new organizations. It is finest if your organization runs entirely on warm acquisition, but in practice, however, it does not work that way. By using Convins as your cold acquisition partner, we strategically generate new leads for you, as the specialists know exactly which techniques and strategies to employ.

What forms of acquisition are there?
There are three forms of acquisition: cold, warm and online acquisition. In cold acquisition, you contact potential customers you don't yet know. With warm acquisition, you contact existing customers, or potential customers you have spoken to before. With online acquisition, you acquire customers through social media, for example. At Convins we will work for you with cold and warm acquisition.
How do you begin cold acquisition?
Cold acquisition is difficult because you have to convince the potential customer to start a conversation. Good preparation is therefore the most important thing. Read up and make sure you know who you want to talk to. What do you want to achieve with the conversation? Focus on the potential client's problem. End the conversation with a follow-up: action points, an appointment or sending an offer.
What is cold calling?
In cold calling, you call potential customers you haven't seen or talked to before. You approach businesses unsolicited, with the intention of helping them solve a problem they may be experiencing. The seller and the buyer don't know each other.

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