No cure, no pay

Cold acquisition

Approaching new potential customers is a concern rather than a pleasure for many. Cold acquisition can continue to grow your business, making it important for your organization to pay attention to it. Fortunately, you are not alone. With over 15 years of Convins' expertise and experience, you have less to worry about when it comes to cold acquisition. We conduct all the interviews and increase your customer base for you. All you have to do is indicate what your wishes and goals are and Convins will take care of the rest. This leaves you with time and energy for other important matters.

Why Convins is the right partner for cold acquisition

With more than 80 permanent employees, Convins is not called the largest B2B telemarketing agency in the Netherlands for nothing. Thanks to the knowledge and experience we have gained over the past 15 years in the field of telemarketing, we know better than anyone else how to tackle cold acquisition. To guarantee you the best results, we only work with well-trained telemarketers. This assures you of quality leads.

No Cure - No Pay

At Convins, we use the "No Cure - No Pay" principle. This means that you do not pay for something that is of no use to you. We at Convins prefer quality over quantity. Our goal is not to reach as many people or organizations as possible, but to create quality relationships that really benefit you. Therefore, before we start cold acquisition for you, we set up an appointment together to which we attach certain criteria. Only when the appointment is reached and all criteria are met, will we charge for our service. This ensures the high quality of our services. In addition, we carry the risks, thus relieving you as our client.


At Convins, we believe in transparency. Being transparent has allowed us to grow into the largest telemarketing agency in the Netherlands. It is important to us to keep you as an organization fully informed of our activities. We therefore regularly inform you of all ongoing matters via the dashboard. Here you can see who we have called and what appointments have been made. In addition, for example, we always work from your phone number and e-mail address. So you know exactly what we are doing. Also, we do not like small print but clear and concise. Pleasant communication and clear agreements are part of our transparent way of working.

No call scripts

This is also an important point in our approach. This is because we do not work with call scripts. At Convins, we don't follow standard scripts applied to any company, because we believe in a personalized approach. Customization is what we stand for. This ensures that we can respond to the needs and characteristics of your target audience. This way, conversations are always personal.

Getting in touch with Convins

Are you ready to leave the cold acquisition of your business to the experts at Convins? Then contact us very easily by mail or phone. Let us know what your cold acquisition needs are in a no-obligation introductory meeting. Convins has other telemarketing services that may be of interest to you. Get informed by our team of professionals ready to work together for your success.

Let's get going!

Frequently asked questions

Hot and cold acquisition: what are the differences?

There are two types of acquisition: cold acquisition and warm acquisition. Warm acquisition involves approaching organizations or people you already know. The other type involves approaching organizations or people you do not yet know. They are not yet familiar with your product or service. By using cold acquisition, you create potential customer relationships with new organizations. It is finest if your organization runs entirely on warm acquisition, but in practice, however, it does not work that way. By using Convins as your cold acquisition partner, we strategically generate new leads for you, as the specialists know exactly which techniques and strategies to employ.

What forms of acquisition are there?
There are three forms of acquisition: cold, warm and online acquisition. In cold acquisition, you contact potential customers you don't yet know. With warm acquisition, you contact existing customers, or potential customers you have spoken to before. With online acquisition, you acquire customers through social media, for example. At Convins we will work for you with cold and warm acquisition.
How do you begin cold acquisition?
Cold acquisition is difficult because you have to convince the potential customer to start a conversation. Good preparation is therefore the most important thing. Read up and make sure you know who you want to talk to. What do you want to achieve with the conversation? Focus on the potential client's problem. End the conversation with a follow-up: action points, an appointment or sending an offer.
What is cold calling?
In cold calling, you call potential customers you haven't seen or talked to before. You approach businesses unsolicited, with the intention of helping them solve a problem they may be experiencing. The seller and the buyer don't know each other.

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