Transparency is key for us. Not only in our working methods, but also in our communication with clients and internally. Transparency at Convins can be seen everywhere. For example, all colleagues do not work in telephone halls or cubicles, but in small rooms where they can work comfortably. Spaces are open thanks to glass doors and windows, so you always know who is working for you.



When we start working for your company, we start on the basis of a pilot. During this pilot we keep in touch with each other. How did the agreements go? Does everything meet the predefined wishes and requirements? After the pilot phase, we will present the results to you. We are particularly interested in your experiences with the agreements. Do you decide to continue with us? Then we will meet again to determine how many appointments you would like to schedule per month, for example. Every quarter, we would like to visit you to evaluate the appointments. We are convinced that success is achieved together.

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