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Approaching Prospects by Convins

Do you have so little time left to approach new prospects? Leave it to Convins. We approach your prospects and arrange appointments with the decision makers. Thanks to our no cure, no pay system you only pay when the appointment is visited and meets the agreed criteria. This removes the risk for you as a client.

Our method of approaching prospects

Convins is the largest B2B telemarketing agency in the Netherlands. We find it important to have substantive conversations when we approach prospects. To get off to a good start, we always visit you first for an introductory meeting. We also take stock of the proposition and the market segment. At Convins we can approach prospects with more than 55 permanent employees. They do not call with a call script, but simply have good conversations. These open conversations allow us to approach prospects as the extension of your organization. This allows us to schedule more appointments for you because we approach prospects and provide them with relevant information, allowing you to engage seriously with the prospect.


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Do you also want a partner in telemarketing who takes all your worries out of your hands? From approaching prospects to tracking your database, Convins does it all! Request a quotation without obligation via our contact form or let us call you! Convins is happy to help you in the field of telemarketing!

Frequently asked questions

What is a prospect?

A prospect is a potential customer who is in the target market and meets specific predetermined criteria. These individuals have the financial means to make a purchase, in addition, they are capable of making independent decisions about this purchase. A prospect differs from a lead. A prospect already has knowledge of the product or service and expresses interest and is capable of actually purchasing the product. In addition, this person has decision-making authority and therefore does not have to ask permission from another party. If this is not the case, then it is a lead. When approaching prospects, you contact individuals who are already one step further along the sales funnel than a lead.

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