55+ permanent employees

At Convins we work with permanent employees. By now there are more than 55. These employees are all salaried. We do not work with 0-hour contracts or with students who work at Convins as part-time jobs. We are convinced that staff feel better in their own skin when they have security. We give them that security by not working with 0-hour contracts. We are happy to offer a permanent contract to motivated and enthusiastic employees. This is unique within telemarketing. We put our people on our own payroll and send them to a permanent contract.


Career opportunities

We believe a safe environment is important. Both on the work floor and in the area of careers. Employees feel better in a safe environment and perform better. At Convins, we try to steer as much as possible towards a permanent contract. We also do this by creating opportunities for advancement. At Convins we work with a good pension scheme. Employees perform better when they are secure in their income, but also when they build up a pension.

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