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Service call

Does your organization have engineers in the field who regularly visit consumers? Then Convins will be happy to help you by means of a service call. By means of service calls, you prevent your employees from standing in front of a closed door. If this happens, this is not only a waste of time, but also additional costs, an inefficient working method and even hindering the growth of your company can result. Together with Convins, you prevent your employees from losing valuable time. You can read how we do this here.

What is a service call?

Service calls can consist of various questions, as well as ad hoc assignments, complaints, appointments or other issues reported to a service desk or help desk. In fact, communication does not stop after the first moment of contact. In fact, for a service call, it does not matter whether you sell large or small items or services: a service call is always an addition to your organization. After all, not only does it have an effect on customer loyalty, but you yourself can also make timely changes when needed.


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