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Do you want more customers? Use telemarketing! Telemarketing brings a continuous flow of leads. Convins specialises in this for companies: will you be going for B2B or B2C? With our team we ensure qualitative appointments with people who are genuinely interested in your service or product. This way, we can be sure that we connect your company with leads and potential prospects who can actually become serious customers, therefore creating additional value for your company. Convins makes sure that your leads and potential prospects are reached in no time. We achieve this by having highly educated professionals with extensive experience in the industry, who first thoroughly immerse themselves in your company before enthusiastically setting to work.

The professionals in telemarketing

Convins distinguishes itself in the industry as a professional in telemarketing. As mentioned before, our specialists first immerse themselves in your company before approaching potential prospects and leads. All the information that is required is gathered, we take into account your goal, your target group and of course we study your company and the product or service you want to sell or the message you want to convey. We then call people who are genuinely interested in your business. Convins never uses call scripts but makes sure that the conversation proceeds naturally and that a real dialogue is created. After performing telemarketing for your company, we provide you with the information you need in order to close a deal. You can then visit your customer with the right preliminary information to conclude your deal. Our working method is characterised by the following features:

  • Delivering only quality leads;
  • No cure, no pay: you only pay for quality appointments;
  • billing always after the actual visit appointment;
  • having a substantive and content-related conversation: no standardized call scripts;
  • Permanent staff: our telemarketing specialists are always at your service.

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Telemarketing for businesses

Telemarketing is regularly used by companies. By doing so, companies attract leads and potential prospects as customers in a personal way. Convins ensures that your sales pipeline is filled with valuable leads. Before you start, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with the different types of telemarketing: if you want to reach consumers with your message, go for B2C. After all, telemarketing must fit your company, your target group and your message. Telemarketing is personal, that is why our specialists first learn about your company since our way of communicating on behalf of your company must fit with your way of working, so that the lead or potential prospect immediately gets a good feeling about your business. Together with our specialists, we devise a suitable telemarketing strategy. The more specific this strategy is, the greater the chance that potential customers will actually choose your services. Feel free to ask for a tailor-made proposal without any obligation.

Our benefits for businesses

Of course, personal contact is always appreciated. Telemarketing is the most personal way of marketing. With a very friendly voice and in a personal way, we tell the marketing story of your company to the potential prospect or lead. A well delivered personal message is not easily ignored. Our specialists have a broader opportunity to convey your company’s message in its entirety. We also let him or her tell your story in his or her own words. We find it important that a dialogue is created and therefore always strive for a two-way telephone conversation. The person on the other end of the line can immediately ask his or her questions. Developing an appropriate marketing strategy is a piece of craftsmanship that is indispensable for a successful telemarketing campaign. Therefore, let the telemarketing strategy be implemented by real telemarketing specialists, such as we at Convins are!

No cure, no pay telemarketing

Telemarketing needs a good plan of action, a good telemarketing strategy, a good story and a clear message you want to convey as a company. Convins is specialised in telemarketing as we have many years of experience in sales. Convins Telemarketing helps with qualitative lead generation and its follow-up. By quality leads we mean appointments with organisations that are open to a discussion about your product or service, that are prepared to free up time for this and where you, as the discussion partner, can actually sit down with the decision-maker. Convins wants you to be successful thanks to telemarketing which is why we apply a no cure no pay approach: you only pay for a quality appointment after the appointment has actually taken place.

That approach is what makes Convins distinctive, transparent, honest, effective and specialised!

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