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Working in Alicante

Develop your talent to the fullest at Convins and find out how towork with usin Alicante Spain. Are you convincing in your sales - approach and not afraid of a challenge? Then we are looking for you! And you are looking for us, because at Convins you can count on great colleagues, attractive working conditions and a vibrant corporate culture. Our team members fit perfectly into the corporate culture and contribute with their unique characteristics to a pleasant working environment. Discover below our vacancies in Spain that match your skills and ambitions.

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Working in Alicante

Working in Alicante, offers numerous benefits beyond the sunny beaches and captivating culture. The relaxed pace of life, friendly people and delicious food make working here extra enjoyable. Even as a foreign worker, you will quickly feel at home because of the hospitable Spanish people. Moreover, you can almost always enjoy pleasant weather, so you can often be outside. In short, working in Spain is a real pleasure, and besides new career opportunities, you will discover many more advantages!

At Convins we offer a pleasant work environment with great colleagues. Together you contribute to the growth of various organizations through telemarketing. After all, telephone acquisition is the most personal form of marketing. Do you see yourself working with us in Alicante, Spain? Then contact us and apply for your position!


Working in Spain as a Dutchman

If you are a Dutchman are going to work in Spain, there are some practical things that are useful to know:

  • Free to live and work:as a Dutchman, you are free to live and work in Spain. You do not need a visa or work permit. A valid ID is sufficient;
  • Deregistration from municipality: Are you going to live and work in Spain for longer than 3 months? Then make sure you deregister yourself at your municipality before departure. This is important because you often need a proof of deregistration if you are going to live and work in Spain for a longer period of time;
  • NIE number: Before you start working, you must also apply for a NIE number. This identification number is specific to foreigners in Spain and you will need it if you want to work in Spain. Don't worry, we are happy to help you apply for this number!

Should you have further questions about living and working in Spain? Then of course you can always contact us .

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