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Marketing campaigns

Convins is also your partner for marketing campaigns for your organisation. As a car dealer, would you like to invite your customers for a test drive? Or do you run a home furnishing store and want to organise an event for your shoppers? A marketing campaign makes all the difference! When it comes to successfully approaching your target group, telemarketing agency Convins is the right company to turn to. The professionals at Convins are creative, practical and result oriented in their work on the marketing campaign for your organisation.

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Invitations to relations and/or future customers

Your relations and/or prospects probably receive an invitation a few times a year to an activity organised by your lead generation company. By inviting your relations by telephone, or by calling in response to your invitations, you will immediately know whether or not your invitees are present. Convins is happy to take over the telephone acquisition of your relations and/or prospects.

Follow-up of trade fair leads and mailings

Convins will be happy to help you follow up on the contacts you have made at trade fairs. In the case of mailings, too, good follow-up significantly increases the response rate. Enable Convins to track your mailings, and you'll be guaranteed a minimum conversion rate of 4-6%.

Telephone surveys

Doing research and conducting surveys are functional, but time-consuming tasks. Have activities such as questionnaires drawn up and edited, collected and processed by Telemarketing Agency Convins. We have the experience and capabilities to conduct surveys and surveys for you over the phone within the foreseeable future. The results obtained will be presented to you in a clear report.

Mystery calls

Mystery calling contributes to an improvement of your service, higher conversion and more knowledge among your employees. By approaching companies by telephone as mystery callers, Convins can assess how things stand with regard to, for example, the service orientation and customer orientation of employees. The results will help you make an improvement to your telephone customer service.

Service calls

By calling your customers in advance by means of service calls, the appointment with your advisor is confirmed. These short conversations can save your organization a lot of money. They aim to prepare your (end)customer for your arrival. This prevents someone from your company from standing in front of a closed door.

Customer satisfaction survey

A customer satisfaction survey gives you insight into the ‘status’ of your company. This insight is essential to stimulate the growth of your company and to pursue your goals. A customer satisfaction survey can be done by conducting surveys. Convins will take over everything in this from you. We are also happy to take surveys for you when it comes to B2B.

Updating address files

At Convins, we update and complete company data and contact details. In addition, we make concrete enquiries whose input can be used for lead generation or marketing campaigns. The Convins specialists also give you advice on database management, which allows you to make more profit from this.

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