Outsource telephone acquisition

Outsource your phone acquisition? Make sure you choose a company that truly works as the extension of your sales and marketing department. Convins takes telemarketing from you, leaving you time for other activities. Telephone acquisition requires focus and continuity. Would you like to make appointments with potential customers but do not have sufficient sales capacity or would you like to spend your time on other matters? Then telephone acquisition outsourcing is a smart choice for you.

After all, telephone acquisition takes time and dedication. You have to deal with crowded schedules, gatekeepers, follow-ups and more. Thus, several call attempts are needed before a conversation can actually take place. Our specialists are happy to help you from our offices in Apeldoorn and Utrecht! With our excellent communication skills we always strive for optimal results in telephone acquisition, so that you achieve your goals. Interested in outsourcing telephone acquisition? Then please read on.

Leave telephone acquisition to Convins

Outsourcing telephone acquisition requires you to make an investment. But at Convins, this investment yields enough, namely new customers! And these new customers ultimately ensure that more revenue is generated. Our specialists know exactly how to promote your company, products or services to potential customers. They like to talk to you and fully immerse themselves in your company and your products or services. This allows them to answer all of your potential customers' questions professionally and confidently. After the telephone acquisition, our specialists will report to you. So you know exactly which potential customers are waiting for a follow-up and who may not be interested in your products or services.

The advantages of outsourcing telephone acquisition

New customers are always welcome at a company. New customers equals growth. Sometimes these come naturally, but unfortunately this is not always the case. Often you have to take action yourself to attract new customers. This can be done by telephone acquisition. Are you outsourcing telephone acquisition to Convins? This brings with it a number of advantages. We list the biggest advantages for you below.

Outsourcing telephone acquisition always pays off. It brings your company new customers, which means that you will recover your investment.

Frequently asked questions

What is telephone acquisition?

In telephone acquisition, we make calls to your prospects. In telephone acquisition, we make calls to potential customers who fit your organization. New customers are always welcome within any company, but do not always come calling. By using telephone acquisition, you will be talking to potential new customers. You can choose to use telephone acquisition yourself, or you can outsource it. By outsourcing it, it won't cost you any time yourself. Convins works with the No cure - No pay principle: you only have to pay for high-quality appointments.

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