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Consultancy & Outsourcing

Consultancy & Outsourcing

What are the marketing and sales objectives for your company? How do you keep your lead generation up to date? What do you do with the concrete visitors of your website? And how do you progress to all these objectives? Convins Consultancy & Outsourcing is specialised in supporting you with the development of strategies, aimed at the targets within your company.

The professionals of Convins would like to provide you with advice. With the experience they have, they are able to develop suited and targeted strategies for your company that will progress you to the next level in the field of marketing and sales. Because a successful lead generation is not just sufficient. The equally important follow-up that follows is sometimes not as it should be, for example due to an unexpected rush or understaffing.

At these moments you contact Convins for professional advice or for the outsourcing of sales orders. Possibly Convins can second a (tele) sales professional to your company for a shorter or longer period of time. Therefore, Convins Consultancy & Outsourcing is the perfect sales and marketing complement for your company.

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