Telemarketing Groningen

Would you like to approach new, potential customers by means of telemarketing Groningen? But you don't have time to approach everyone by phone for your company in Hoogkerk, Stadskanaal or Delfzijl? Convins would love to help you! We are the extension of your organisation for telemarketing Groningen. We do this for various industries, such as ICT, business services, recruitment and selection and the legal profession. We would like to tell you more about Convins and its telemarketing Groningen services.

The method for telemarketing Groningen

At Convins, we believe that transparency is the most important thing, both internally to our employees and externally to our clients. Transparent communication goes hand in hand with the no cure, no pay principle that we apply. This applies to all types of telemarketing Groningen, regardless of the industry or service. No cure, no pay means that you do not pay per telephone call, but only for the appointments you have visited. Before we start calling and scheduling appointments, together we will draw up rules that the appointments must comply with. Thanks to the no cure, no pay principle, we always go the extra mile for our clients. This way, the quality remains high and you only visit appointments in Winschoten, Delfzijl or Veendam that meet your wishes and requirements.

At Convins, we also believe it is important to keep in touch with each other in the interim. After about 5 to 10 appointments we discuss whether everything is to your satisfaction. Do the appointments meet your expectations thanks to telemarketing Groningen? Or should we make some adjustments to the requirements for an appointment in Hoogkerk, Stadskanaal or Hoogezand? At Convins, all clients have access to a customer portal. In this portal they can find all important information concerning telemarketing Groningen, such as scheduled appointments, call information and other important information concerning the cooperation.

The permanent employees of Convins

The Convins employees work for us as salaried employees. This is unique within telemarketing. In addition, we do not work with a 0-hour contract. We do not employ students with a part-time job in our company either. In order to bind our employees enthusiastically, we offer good terms of employment. For instance, it is possible to get a permanent contract, but it is also possible to work out at the Convins gym.

Involvement of employees in different projects is also a key focus within Convins. We create more project involvement. We do this by allowing employees to sign up for projects of clients they feel involved with. This has several advantages: the conversations improve when an employee has an affinity with a customer and the employee becomes enthusiastic about his or her work. For telemarketing Groningen we also look at which employees feel involved and can best work for you.

Questions about telemarketing Groningen?

Do you have any questions about telemarketing Stadskanaal in Haren, Hoogkerk, Winschoten or Veendam? Or do you need more information about the different branches and the possibilities for your company in Winschoten, Haren or Veendam? Then contact us, we are happy to help you!

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