Outbound telemarketing 

Approach customers by phone yourself? You can! This is called outbound telemarketing. You can do this all by yourself or outsource it to a professional company. These telemarketers will then call your prospect according to a certain script and schedule an appointment. With telemarketing agency Convins, you can go for outbound telemarketing. However, we find it important not to necessarily stick to a call script, but to have a substantive conversation with the prospect. This way it becomes a real phone conversation and it is easier to bring in a customer and schedule an appointment for you. Does this sound like music to your ears? We tell you more about the possibilities of outbound telemarketing here.

Our outbound telemarketing service

At Convins, we believe it is important to have substantive conversations when conducting outbound telemarketing. Before we start, therefore, we first visit your company for an introductory meeting. Together we take stock of the proposition and the market segment. We also determine the industries and companies we can approach. How we go about conducting outbound telemarketing calls, we are happy to tell you.

Outbound telemarketing at Convins does not take place with a call script. Through open calls, we are an extension of your organization. As a result, we create engagement and the conversations are more fun. In fact, the prospect is more likely to be interested, allowing us to schedule more appointments for you through outbound telemarketing.

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