Training and guidance of account managers

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Training and guidance of account managers

To turn a lead into a deal: How does this work? The sales process of a product or service does not stop with the generation of successful leads. Far from it; that is only the start! Therefore, Convins not just generates a continuous flow of quality leads for you but it also guides your account managers in the sales process that follows next.

To achieve the desired end result it is important that account managers and sales representative have the correct sales ingredients and tactics and are familiar with the necessary tips and tricks. During the effective sales training courses of Convins all important aspects for the selling of your products or service are discussed.

There are quite some steps between lead generation and concluding a deal, but when these steps are taken correctly it will eventually lead to very valuable results for your organisation. The training and guidance of Convins ensures that you can retrieve everything from lead generation, either generated by yourself or by Convins.

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