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Surveys/Service calls/Mystery calling

Performing research and conducting surveys are worthwhile but time consuming chores. You have to create and edit question lists, subsequently execute these and finally process the results. Why not let Convins arrange this for you! The specialists of Convins have the experience and the skills to conduct researches and surveys for you by phone within the foreseeable future. The obtained results will be provided to you in a clear report.

Convins can also organise service calls for you. By calling your customers beforehand the appointment with your mechanic or advisor will be confirmed. These short phone calls can save your company a lot of money. After all they have the objective to prepare your (end) customer for your arrival and to avoid that your or your colleagues are standing in front of a closed door.

Mystery calling contributes to an improvement of your service provision by phone.  Through approaching companies by phone as mystery caller, Convins can assess what the situation is regarding the focus on service, customer and sales of employees. The concrete results that are obtained will help you with the improvement of your service provision by phone. Mystery calling contributes, among others, to more customer satisfaction, a higher conversion and more knowledge with your employees.

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