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From commercial talent without sales experience to independent account managers within a company: Convins Recruitment is a nursery for young, talented persons with ambition. These YoungHunters can acquire experience in lead generation and sales techniques to eventually start work with one of the Convins’ customers.

For example, sales professionals from Convins can be deployed at customers if they are dealing with a temporary rush or a lack of account managers. This way the Convins’ customers are always assured of sufficient man power to follow up interesting leads and young talents can optimally develop themselves.

The YoungHunters project gives young starters the opportunity, with the proper training and coaching, to start as field account manager within a period of one year. Many commercial talents are placed in an office staff position after their graduation where they perform administrative duties and sometimes they remain there for 3 to 5 years. A waste of talent, according to Convins.

For whom?

Commercial toppers with great ambitions and a finished MBO-4 education or higher can register themselves for the YoungHunters project. The four best candidates will be invited for the general process that starts each month. Initially the candidate is hired for a period of 7 months with a probation period of 1 month. During these months, the candidate will follow training courses, they gain practical experience and they receive coaching. At the end of the process they will be introduced to various clients.

If there is a connection a probation period will follow and eventually a transfer of the candidate from Convins to the client. He or she will get a position within this organisation for which the candidate is trained within the YoungHunters project.


With the exclusive process a specific candidate is searched from the requirement of the client. Think of clients in sectors such as Automotive, ICT, Telephony, Technique and Industry. The YoungHunters project translates the specific requirement of the client into a search for the right candidate.

Unlike the general process, the candidate will start with the client for at least one day a week during the exclusive process to obtain the specific knowledge of the product or the service. The remaining four days the candidate will follow the same process as the candidates of the general process.

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